Merrychef – Expanding your opportunities.

Over 60 years of product experience and culinary expertise drive Merrychef’s innovative, award-winning technology. We have been creating pioneering products ever since the 1950s – from the world’s first commercial microwave oven to our latest high speed oven: the new eikon® e2s.

At the core of the Merrychef brand is our customer promise: to put a smile on our partners’ faces. We do this by listening to you, our customers, caring about what you think and doing our best to meet your needs.

We go the extra mile to optimise the speed, quality, flexibility and operational costs for your businesses by providing state-of-the-art products and services regardless of your staff’s skill levels.

From small coffee shops to global chains, from fast casual to fine dining, Merrychef is the first choice for high speed ovens: delivering fresh, hot food on demand.

Our ultimate goal? To help you, our customers deliver, on your promise.

Expanding your opportunities.


We are much more than a producer of high speed ovens

What do we mean when we talk about Merrychef as a brand? We mean the uniqueness of our company, which distinguishes us from other brands and anchors us in the mind of our target group.

Merrychef offers three main customer benefits: we lead, we create and we support in everything we do.
As a result, Merrychef has an unmistakable and emotional brand core: we put a smile on our partners’ faces.

Our three main customer benefits and our brand core form – in combination with twelve characteristics – from our Merrychef brand identity.

Every single employee is an ambassador for this brand identity. The more consistently we live up to it, the more successful we will be.


Our brand core: What is the soul of our brand?

Our brand core is our main promise to our customer. It answers the question: What makes us unique?

It’s the simple certainty that we put a smile on our partners’ faces.

This smile reflects amongst other things the fact that we listen to our customers and proudly go that extra mile to optimize the speed, quality, flexibility, skill level and operational costs of their business.

Ultimately our goal is to help our customers deliver their promise to their guests.

Fresh ideas. Flexible ovens.

Our three main customer benefits: What exactly do we promise?

Strictly speaking, our brand doesn’t belong to us, but to our customers. A brand is a promise. It raises expectations which the company must meet if it doesn’t want to lose the contact of its target groups.

For our customers we are their leading, creative and supportive global partner who genuinely cares about meeting their needs.

Our three main customer benefits are our value proposition. They generate added value for our customers and distinguish us clearly from the competition.

Let’s stand by them. Every day. Everywhere.


Our personality traits: What does “lead“ mean for us?

For us, leading means …


“Yes, we built the original speed oven in 1950. Decades of know-how go into every single one of our state-of-the-art products and services. Try to find that anywhere else.”


“You’re looking for agility and flexibility? This is our promise:
we’ll always be as fast as your needs are changing in this
vibrant market.”


“We work passionately for our mutual success. That’s why
partners tell us they experience friendship rather than a
commercial relationship

Our personality traits: What does “create“ mean for us?

For us, creating means …
Forward thinking

“Why are we challenging the norm? It’s because the focus is
not on us, but on you. Our goal is to help you tell your story
and deliver your promise to your customers. Don’t expect the
norm. Expect future-proofness.”

“We’re your world-leading culinary expert for fresh hot food
on demand – and yes, we’re fun to work with. Let’s capture
this new and promising market together – exciting your customers,
your staff and your balance sheet.”


“Go ahead, talk to our clients. They’ll tell you about Merrychef’s
ability to think outside the box, creating results with a wow

Our personality traits: What does “support“ mean for us?

For us, supporting means …

“We’re your partner. A partner who truly listens and is always
willing to help. Think of us as your winning team, providing
you with solutions that work.”
Open & honest

“You can trust us. It’s very simple: we’re only successful –
if you’re successful. For this reason we’ll always act fairly,
transparently and on an equal footing.”

“You can fully rely on us. Whatever we say we mean. We
completely understand the pressure you work under and
stand by your side to minimize it.“

> 165,000 Installed units
     14,000 Delicious recipes
          700 Customers globally
            65 Years of experience
            15 Culinary centres
              1 Original



65 years of leading innovation

Unrivaled in the industry: Merrychef’s roots go back to 1950

1950        Max-Arc & Electrics
1986   Merrychef
2004   Subsidiary of Enodis plc., London, the world‘s largest manufacturer and supplier of food service equipment and systems
2008   Subsidiary of Manitowoc Foodservice, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional kitchen equipment with over 25 brands

Highlights from THE ORIGINAL high speed oven manufacturer

1950         Founded by Christopher E. Tibbs, an ingenious, forward thinking entrepreneur
1956   Christopher E. Tibbs: Frequency Modulation Engineering; A Naval Training Handbook; 2nd edition
1958   World’s first commercial pure microwave oven
1960   World’s first pop-up door microwave oven
1961   First Artica is produced
1963   Artica in the London Trustee Savings Bank; tagline: “A meal in a moment“
1968   World‘s first convection microwave oven
1969   World’s first combination microwave oven
1973   Covered gas combination oven
1975   World’s first microwave burger concept
1980   World‘s first commercial oven with turntable
1983   Microtherm accelerated combination microwave oven
1984   Selling the pop-up door microwave – Hotelympia, London
1987   Loved by all … state-of-the-art electronic controls
1999   World’s first oven featuring two return ducts with grease filters and catalysts within the air stream
2000   Kick-off rapid cook ovens: > 10 times faster than traditional ovens
World‘s first oven with programmable menu system
2002   Original Menu Key: 100 programs with 3 stages per program
2005   NRA Kitchen Innovation Award for 502 Oven
Launch of Mealstream EC 402: release to WaWa and later to Subway
2007   World’s first and only Planar Plume Technology
2008   DIN ISO 9001 certification: Merrychef‘s facilities are amongst the most advanced in the industry
2009   Launch of eikon® series e3, e4, e5 easyToUCH®
World‘s first high speed oven with easyToUCH® full color graphic touch screen and energy save mode
2010   NRA Kitchen Innovation Award for new eikon® series
2011   World’s first impingement/convection/microwave oven
2012   NRA Kitchen Innovation Award for Planar Plume Technology
Launch of eikon® e2
2013   Launch of eikon® e4s: release to Subway
2014   Release of eikon® e4s to general market
2015   Launch of eikon® e2s


The foundation of our success

Just like people, a brand needs orientation: we need to be clear about what we stand for and what we believe in. This is the foundation of our success.

A good orientation system has to be simple to be remembered. We define ourselves in terms of our vision, our culture and our values.


Our vision: Who do we want to be?

Sure, we’re all about ovens. And yet we’re all about people, too. And people like to know what the future will bring. Well, even Merrychef can’t predict that. However, by setting up the right principles one can outline a road to success.

With this in mind, we looked down that road and mapped out the most important goals for our company. Inspirational goals, which will help us to move forward with clarity and become even better.

We will …

• passionately support our employees to become the best and build something real.
• act as a reliable, respectful and enabling partner for all of our stakeholders.
• listen closely to our customers’ needs and be their honest, inspiring and fun ally.
• be the expert for fresh hot food on demand, guaranteeing great culinary results.
• always set the trend and stay ahead of the market, with our 65 years of experience.
• operate seamlessly with Manitowoc to focus our strengths: one team, one playbook.

In other words: we want to become the most supportive, respected and successful expert for fresh hot food on demand worldwide. A partner who genuinely makes you smile.


Our culture: What are we like?

It’s no surprise that satisfying our customers is at the heart of our business. Nonetheless we likewise strive to create a place where talented people love to work.

How we live our corporate culture reflects this dual ambition.
Our culture is one of mutual respect and understanding.

We are ...

Enjoyable              We’re fun to work with and promise to put a smile on your face.
Enthusiastic          We achieve our goals with fresh motivation and true dedication.
Collaborative         We act in a considered thoughtful and approachable manner.
Passionate             We love what we do – from the first flash of wit to the very last bit.
Knowledgeable      We have the insights to meet your needs thanks to decades of experience.
Resourceful            We deal promptly, skillfully and unconventionally with new challenges.


Our values: What do we stand for?

A brand cannot be successful without having a good
reputation. To stay credible we need to commit ourselves to
a set of company values. These values play a crucial part
in guiding our actions.

Our objective is to stand by them – even if it’s challenging.
At Merrychef we pledge ourselves to six values.

We stand for ...

Partnership            We’re committed to teamwork to make great things happen.
Empathy                 We’re earnest about looking at things from our partners’ perspective.
Dedication              We guarantee to go that extra mile to achieve common goals.
Quality                    We take our responsibility seriously, to deliver the very best. Full stop.
Authenticity           We don’t pretend: we’re your calm, relaxed and genuine companion.
Excitement             We bring the enthusiasm for fresh hot food on demand to the industry.

2016: Poznan International Fair Gold Medal for the eikon® e2s

GOLD for Merrychef eikon e2s
Merrychef won the Poznan International Fair Gold Medal at the POLAGRA-TECH 2016 - certificate and confirmation of the high quality and innovative values of our new high speed oven.

2016: Commercial Kitchen Award for the eikon® e2s

GUILDFORD UK. The new Merrychef eikon® e2s has once again taken top spot after winning the Gold Innovation Award at the Commercial Kitchen Show’s Innovation Challenge on Wednesday 8th June 2016. The smallest, high-speed oven is the latest addition to Manitowoc Foodservice’s Merrychef brand portfolio and is the ultimate in accelerated cooking equipment.
The latest product innovation from Manitowoc Foodservice, the Merrychef eikon e2s is user friendly, versatile and provides consistent levels of performance aimed at continually exceeding operator expectations – the ideal solution for any operation wanting to prepare fresh, hot food on demand where space is at a premium. The eikon e2s is the ideal way to cook, reheat, toast and bake a wide range of food items such as toasted sandwiches, pizzas and wraps.Innovation Challenge Award
Steve Hemsil, National Sales Manager Distribution – UK & Ireland, at Manitowoc Foodservice UK is delighted to have won the Award:
“Manitowoc Foodservice is thrilled to have been awarded Gold in the Innovation Challenge and it is fantastic that the new Merrychef eikon e2s has been recognised by the industry with such an aptly named award! The Merrychef e2s is the most innovative product that we have launched to date with performance up to twenty times faster than a conventional oven whilst producing consistent, high-quality cooking results enabling establishments the ability to deliver fresher and more delicious hot food to customers.
It’s hugely important that Merrychef products are recognised for the cutting edge design that forms a key part of our research and development process. Most importantly however, is that the design of the products fits the requirements of the hundreds of establishments and thousands of kitchen and front of house staff using the equipment every day. This award truly is a testimonial of our ‘eye for detail’ and investment into Merrychef e2sinnovation with the new Merrychef eikon e2s.”
Featuring easyTouch® technology with an icon driven touch screen, the Merrychef eikon e2s is simple to operate by any member of the staff in the kitchen. A USB memory stick can be used to transfer up to 1,024 different cooking programmes, to ensure menu consistency, especially by operators with multiple locations.  This feature helps maintain the same quality of menu choices in each outlet, every time.
Several design features make the Merrychef eikon e2s suitable for use in outlets where it will be installed front-of-house and is in constant use. Available in two exterior cool-to-the-touch options: Classic, featuring a stainless steel exterior and Trend, which offers a choice of two colour exteriors (red and black). The stylish design of the Merrychef eikon e2s makes it an aesthetically pleasing addition to any countertop. A merchandising panel is available on the ‘Trend’ model on the back of the unit should it be facing towards the customer. Designed for use within the hustle and bustle of food-to-go outlets, the Merrychef eikon e2s ‘Trend’ also features accessory storage on top of the oven. Operators can use this additional surface to store popular items which are in constant demand – from cups and cutlery, to condiments!
With the fastest warm-up and cool-down times in its class, the Merrychef eikon e2s reduces downtime and improves ease of use. Having such a fast warm-up time means reduced wait times at the start of the day whilst the oven’s fast cool-down time means that cleaning can be done shortly after the last order has been cooked. Additionally, its seam-welded cavity and  large  rounded  edges  makes  cleaning  quick  and simple.
Measuring 620mm x 356mm x 595m m (H x W x D), the new Merrychef eikon e2s has the best-in-class cavity to footprint ratio (12” cavity in a 14” footprint). This ensures that the high-speed oven maximises available  space  and  can  fit  on  a  standard  600mm  deep  work  surface.  To  take  this  even  further,  an adaptor is available to  connect  two  Merrychef  eikon  e2s  standard  power  units  to  one  32A  socket  so ‘banks’ of ovens can be installed in busy outlets without a separate power socket for each unit.
The new Merrychef eikon ® e2s is ideally suited for use in cafés, coffee shops, sandwich bars and delis – or any such outlet where menus, space, foot traffic or customers dictate a fast turnaround on food orders.

2015: Good Design* Award for eikon e2s

The new Merrychef® eikon® e2s has scooped a prestigious design award from the Chicago Athenaeum, otherwise known as the International Museum of Architecture and Design. Dedicated to all areas of design from architecture, industrial and product design, the museum’s mission is to advance the public’s education about the value of good design and how it can positively impact the human environment.

*As awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

2015: NRA Kitchen Innovation Award for eikon e4s with Panini Grill

Merrychef® eikon® e4s with Panini Grill
This semi-automated, non-stick Panini press attachment, easily removable from inside the oven for cleaning, flattens and/or generates grill marks on a range of products, including bread, proteins and vegetables, all while taking advantage of Merrychef’s rapid cook technology which produces high-quality food at speeds up to 15 times faster than conventional methods.

2014: Subway Vendor Awards

for Merrychef and Manitowoc overall in the categories ‘Excellence in Customer Service (company)’ and ‘Excellence in Customer Service (person)

Over 15 awards were presented to individuals and companies. Frank Buffone, Senior Manager of Restaurant Operations for SUBWAY® explains: “The award for Excellence in Customer Service to a Company was strongly contested. Manitowoc stood out for its commitment to serving its customers, above all else. Any request that we make is met with the highest level of enthusiasm and support.  This award is presented to the suppliers and distributors who are continuously proactive and highly responsive to the needs of our franchisees.”

Manitowoc has partnered with SUBWAY® for over 15 years in supplying Manitowoc Ice machines and Merrychef speed ovens for the last seven years. Merrychef’s latest innovation to the market is the eikon® e4s rapid cook oven. The new eikon® e4s delivers speed, energy efficiency and low operating noise.

2012: NRA Kitchen Innovation Award for Planar Plume Technology

This new patented Planar Plume Technology creates even impingement sheets of air in rapid cook ovens which delivers quicker heat transfer, less microwave destruction, lower blower speeds and increased energy efficiency.

2010: NRA Kitchen Innovation Award for new eikon series with easyToUCH technology

Merrychef's new eikon series speed ovens offer an icon-driven touch screen operation enabling instant menu management with archive capabilities, Ethernet updates, operator training and service maintenance instructions.The easyToUCH technology ensures operators are never more than two steps away from cooking programs and is available in multiple languages, while MenuConnect® enables instant menu management and Ethernet updates via a standard USB key. Incorporating advanced easyToUCH technology in the eikon series offers unbeatable ease of use via an icon driven screen and MenuConnect software.


2004: STAR Regional Supplier of the Year

2003: KFC Equipment supplier of the year


Welbilt – global leaders

Welbilt, Inc. develops, produces and sells world-leading solutions in the foodservice equipment sector.

Offering you an unrivalled understanding of the customer and industry combined with comprehensive kitchen systems, culinary expertise and first-class customer service. Globally and locally. With business operations in America, Europe and Asia, Welbilt supplies leading brands such as Cleveland, Convotherm®, Crem, Delfield®, Fitkitchen®, Frymaster®, Garland®, Kolpak®, Lincoln®, Manitowoc® Ice, Merco®, Merrychef® and Multiplex®.

You can find out more about Welbilt, and how our leading brands could help you from our website: You can also find details here of our regional and local offices.

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